About Us

LEXIA is a solutions-driven consulting firm based on insights. With over 20 years of experience, it is a top-ranking consulting firm based in Mexico City with offices in Washington D.C.

LEXIA specializes in understanding social aspects, attaining reliable knowledge, and generating strategic solutions in communications, branding, and marketing.

LEXIA Global specializes in the Latino segment of the US population and the Mexican market. Understanding that information is only useful if it can be analyzed, interpreted and data applied meaningfully, Lexia has developed a range of tools and specialized studies to attain an expertise in these markets and within these specific target audiences.

LEXIA Global serves a wide variety of clients, including the following:

Development Community 

  • Insights to enrich the policies and social programs carried out throughout Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean, as well as for the Hispanic population in the U.S.

Internationalization of Mexican brands

  • Insights that make it possible for Mexican brands to increase and improve their presence in the U.S. market

Expansion of U.S. brands in Mexico

  • Insights to help U.S. brands succeed in Mexico

Latino Market

  • Insights to transcend stereotypes and gain a meaningful understanding of Latino consumers