The Emotiorama® tool derives from dynamic projections and psychology. It is especially useful with a younger audience for whom conventional techniques such as focus groups are not adequate. It is an extremely useful tool to understand the emotional relationships children have with a brand, a program, or a character, just to mention a few. Emotiorama […]


Etnorama is an anthropologic research tool specialized in describing, interpreting and explaining consumers in their real and daily context. It consists of expert researchers going to the informant’s living environment and interacting with her and her social circle. Special attention is given to consuming patterns, brands and products she uses. We discover her environmental, social […]

Expert Vision

Expert Vision consists of a series of profound interviews with our client. We include the employees who will be involved in a particular project before we begin working on it. We take into account these interviews to get a feel for what our client needs and expects, and so our client considers us a partner […]

Flash Survey

Flash survey is a qualitative research tool that generates immediate information on the effectiveness, clarity, persuasion potential, approval, and attractiveness of concepts, slogans, logos, graphics, and other communication tools. It consists of 50 to 100 individual interviews of a determined target audience to identify predominant opinions and redundancies. Use To acquire information on opinions, motivations, […]

Focus Groups

Focus Groups are moderated group discussion sessions that result in valuable responses to specific qualitative questions. They are useful for fine-tuning concepts and communication tools. Use Focus Groups are useful to identify tactical opportunities and understand positioning by providing a framework to understand and analyze opinions and reactions of the participants to diverse stimuli and […]


Hinterland is a research tool specialized in evaluating commercial urban spaces, detecting a specific area in which a branch and/or advertisment might have an impact. By exploring the area being evaluated by foot or bike, a mapping and physical rendering is generated. The location is studied in detail, including the flow of cars on the street […]

Klik Post®

Klik Post is a tool developed in a digital environment that allows relevant insights about the informants to be identified, both from their virtual world as well as their real world. An online community is created exclusive to the project. It uses the web 2.0 to obtain rich and expressive multimedia information about consumers or […]


Metaphorama can be a group session or individual interviews during which different visual techniques are implemented. Throughout these insightful group sessions and interviews, the target audience is exposed to visual projections which facilitate the unconscious expression of ideas and emotions that might otherwise by difficult to verbalize. This tool allows us to go beyond the […]

Online Experience

By drawing on the expertise of IT and graphic design specialists and evaluating users’ experience, this tool helps improve websites, portals and digital interfaces. It evaluates existing Internet sites and may help secure a successful launch of a new one. Other Tools Emotiorama® Etnorama® Expert Vision Flash Survey Focus Groups Hinterland Klik Post® Metaphorama®

Open Group

An Open Group is a group discussion session which is not moderated, allowing for the free flow of thoughts and ideas. Use Open Groups are useful to deeply understand the way of thinking and perceptions of a target audience in regards to a subject, category, brand or product. It is especially useful in exploring public […]


Positiorama® is a tool that allows us to obtain a profound understanding of a brand and its positioning, and thus to construct a strategic mapping of the way it is perceived by different audiences. Through qualitative mapping, we are able to identify occupied and free spheres in the public’s mind in order to generate positioning […]

Screen Test

Screen Test is a tool that allows us to understand the impact generated by film, television, Internet, and social media content. This tool finds the parameters the audience uses to decode messages found in a screen (movie theater, television, smart phone, tablet, etc.), and thus helps us determine likes, dislikes, engagement, and room for improvement. […]