Yolanda Barrita

Associate Director



She has a Master's Degree in Communication and Culture from the University of Buenos Aires and in Market, Media and Opinion Research by the University in Business and Social Sciences in Buenos Aires. Degree in Communication from the Universidad Iberoamericana. As a researcher, she has collaborated in qualitative projects of public scope in categories of evaluation of social programs and political communication, in private through audiences, consumer studies, food and services. Interested in issues related to childhood, public space, political communication and drug trafficking, which she has addressed in her master's thesis in a documentary manner and in field work.

Starting in 2018, she became a Partner Director of LEXIA Insights Solutions.

She likes to travel and get to know new places because she is convinced that from what is foreign, she understands her own best, enjoys walking, writing short stories and witnessing a play or a classical ballet.

She is based in the Mexico City office