The Emotiorama® tool derives from dynamic projections and psychology. It is especially useful with a younger audience for whom conventional techniques such as focus groups are not adequate. It is an extremely useful tool to understand the emotional relationships children have with a brand, a program, or a character, just to mention a few.

Emotiorama consists of a group session created specifically with children’s logic in mind. During these sessions, children are not seated around a table, but are allowed to play, run, sit, etc. A Judge will give out directions, while the Captains will usher and give incentives for the children to participate.

This tool is especially useful to profoundly understand the symbolic universe of children and to identify marketing actions that will take into account children’s logic, language, and lifestyle. The information obtained is spontaneous and reflex-oriented and says a great deal about what children think of the messages, attachment concepts, and engagement strategies being used by the brands.

Emotiorama evaluates:

  • Marketing concepts that are anchored by children’s perceptions, needs, expectations and wants 
  • Toys, sweets, media, and other products aimed at children 
  • Social integration platforms for children so that they are adequately reached out to