Adriana Arizpe


Adriana Arizpe has a BA in Communications and a Diploma in Media from the Universidad Iberoamericana, as well as a Diploma in Gastronomy from the School of Institutions Administration in Mexico City.  

With over 20 years of experience, she is a Public Relations Specialist and a strategist in communications and promotional marketing. Adriana has managed many external and internal Public Relations campaigns successfully and she has participated in the development of multiple relevant political communication strategies, including those of four presidential campaign, as well as several projects at the ministerial level for entities such as the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, the CFE [Federal Electricity Commission], the Ministry of the Economy, and the Inter-American Development Bank 2013 Annual Meeting in Panama.

Adriana worked as Director of Strategic Alliances for 10 years at TV Promo, a leading marketing firm, and she has an impressive list of successes in promotional marketing. Additionally, she has experience as media producer and was head of the Film Department at the Ministry of Culture and Arts in Mexico City. 

Along with Guido Lara, Adriana published the book Political Communication and Democracy.