Klik Post®

Klik Post is a tool developed in a digital environment that allows relevant insights about the informants to be identified, both from their virtual world as well as their real world.

An online community is created exclusive to the project. It uses the web 2.0 to obtain rich and expressive multimedia information about consumers or target audiences. Through direct questions, forums, dynamics involving uploading multimedia content and others, a registry of what is being explored by the consumer is made.


Created for a brand to be successful in a digital environment and social media, by offering content, interactions and institutional dynamics or promotions that generate an engagement with its target audience. Also useful to tackle intimate or compromising topics given that it’s possible to offer anonymity (amongst participants, although moderators do know participants’ identities)

This tool can evaluate, among other things, the following:

  • Slogans or phrases
  • Images
  • Multimedia executions
  • TV series, movies
  • Creative concepts that can receive real-time feedback